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Recruiting Experience & Operational Guidance Ramp-up Hiring for Bon Secours Urgent Care

Recruiting challenges can hinder growth for healthcare organizations — but there’s a solution for every challenge.

Before partnering with PS&D, BSUC was trying to hit bold expansion goals without the proper resources to hit them. A lengthy hiring process, an increasing provider shortage and a team with no prior Urgent Care recruiting experience led to clinic closures and unmet demand within the communities BSUC was created to serve.

In this case study, we share more about how we helped BSUC overcome these roadblocks and reach critical hiring goals in just six months of partnership.

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You’ll also learn more about:  

  • How PS&D uses customized recruiting strategies to solve recruiting challenges
  • The power and results of specialized recruiting experience (in this case, Urgent Care)
  • What sets PS&D apart from other RPO firms

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